Director of Finance and Operations


This role is all about making sure that we can be the best, most effective version of ourselves, so that in turn we can change the world faster. That short summary encompasses a wide range of accountabilities, but in broad terms you will take responsibility for making sure that the systems, processes and operational requirements of the organisation are delivered to the highest standards, and that we provide the most seamless professional support to colleagues who are delivering programmes or projects.

The good news is that under the skilled leadership of our Head of Finance and his team, and the support and advice of our outgoing Treasurer, we’re in the best financial shape that we’ve been for many years. This needs to remain a priority, since it underpins everything else we want to achieve. Systems and processes have also been transformed in recent years. Our aim is to establish a ‘Goldilocks’ approach to management / progress information: neither so much that we create unmanageable demands (and the unintendend consequences that often follow), nor so little that we are unable to foresee and manage any possible delivery or drawdown issues. There’s a ‘just right’ point which makes the project cycle and the associated financial processes work for the whole organisation, and we aim to hit that every time.

Another key aspect of the role is in supporting a flourishing personal and professional culture across the organisation. Without exception, we are a deeply passionate, change-oriented and values-driven team, and we believe in holding ourselves to the same high ethical standards that we advocate for others. Working with our expert Head of People and her team of HR professionals, you’ll exemplify how we can maintain this inspiring adherence to a considered moral position, while also making the pragmatic and appreciative adjustments by which any close-knit group of people accommodate each other’s differences. We log on every morning in the service of a monumental shared vision – to make the world a better place – and you’ll support us to keep our focus on that vital goal.

Working closely with our incoming Treasurer, you’ll also be accountable for delivering the highest standards of governance and statutory compliance. Trustees make the best decisions when papers are clear, complete and delivered in good time, and that’s an important aspect of board support. You will be an important advisor to the board, and will work closely with the CEO to provide full, authentic assurance about the progress NEF is making. Equally, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with trustees on a range of aspects, including working groups where trustees and staff work together.

In personal terms, you must have a rare blend of skills – an understanding of how everyone else in the organisiation works, and the pressures that we all sometimes experience, combined with the ability to maintain our forward momentum. This will mean a high level of technical and organisational competence, but also the emotional intelligence and personal maturity to be able to provide calm, supportive advice and leadership in a range of scenarios. An exceptional grasp of project management and delivery in a VUCA environment is a must. Finally, what we believe is an integral part of what we do and how we work, so you are likely to be personally aligned with our mission of changing the way the economy works for people and planet.


Director of   Finance &   Operations  

£71k - £83k  
Central London 

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